Altered Odysseys is interested in showcasing ways in which the actual words or physical pages of Homer's Odyssey can be re-worked to create new pieces. The focus is on the re-use or re-purposing of the material components of the text rather than on poems or stories re-telling or prompted by the Odyssey.

Here are some approaches to text alteration that inspired the project:
Nets by Jen Bervin, treating Shakespeare's sonnets 

A Little White Shadow by Mary Ruefle:  two pages at the Poetry Foundation; a review by Douglas Luman at the Found Poetry Review with some images of pages; and some other page views at the publisher, Wave Books

Austin Kleon's newspaper blackout poems 

A Humument by Tom Phillips 

Erasing Infinite by Jenni B. Baker

Radi Os by Ronald Johnson, discussed in this Denver Quarterly essay by Erik Anderson